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Tip for Identifying Model:  Pressed into the china inside the toilet tank is the model number of the unit. (most models are a four-digit number in the 2000 or 4000 range followed by 3 other digits) Click the link below to go to the Model number you are looking for.

2000-2020  2021-2172  2173-2399  2400-2899  2900+

Finish Codes for Trip Levers and Push Buttons:

0020A = Chrome 0940A = Polished Gold
0200A = White 0990A = Polished Brass
0210A = Bone  

Not all levers and buttons are available in all finishes


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All Pressure-assisted Models Luxor 2002
Champion® 2002 Roma/Luxor 2003/2009

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Concord 2004
(not pictured)
Champion® 2004 Concord 2004

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One-Piece 2005

Lexington 2006/2007

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Ellisse 2008

Carlyle 2010
Reminiscence™ 2011/2311 Roma II 2012
Champion® 2018  

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